Why I Started Using A CrossBow For Hunting

If you are an avid bow hunter, you may have seen that compound bows are the more typical bows used for hunting. There is a good reason for this. They tend to be more powerful and accurate than your typical recurve and longbow. Of course, that still makes for a good challenge, and a lot of people like that. There is a lot of debate in whether or not a crossbow is considered a valid bow for hunting, but I still use one anywhere. There are many advantages to using one to make your life easier, and in this article I will go over just a few of them.

For one, it makes mobility and aiming much easier. With regular bows, you have to keep the bow string pulled back the entire time while you are aiming. For a crossbow, once the bolt is cocked, you don’t need to apply any more effort in keeping it that way. This lets you set up your crossbow ahead of time and take your time lining up your shot and aiming. This is a huge energy saver. Now you only need to pull the trigger when you have your shot lined up and are ready to fire.

Second, you take aim with a crossbow like you would with a regular gun. If you come from a gun background, this can make a crossbow a good transition into bow hunting. This can give a big accuracy boost. This is especially true if you pick up a scope for the crossbow. They will work as they normally would with a regular rifle. This will allow you to sight much easier and take better shots. You also get an increase of draw weight with a crossbow. If you are looking for faster shots, this is a good path to take.

It isn’t all good though. Crossbows take a while to reload. If you need to take some quick shots in quick succession, you will be better off with a bow. Along with that, they are heavier than a typical bow. If you aren’t used to lugging around something heavy, you may have issues here. They are also pretty noisy. You can get a compound bow that is pretty much silent, but I haven’t seen the equivalent with a crossbow.

I hope some of the points I have made here have at least give you something to think about. Crossbow hunting isn’t for everybody, but I have found it enjoyable. And with you, there is no way that you will know until you actually try!